Scared Dog – What are Your Responsibilities as a Pet Owner?

scared dog - german shepherd feeling anxious

If you own a pet, you might be aware of the sentiments and feelings it has. Almost all the pets get scared of one thing or the other. Dogs get scared easily because they are very in synch with their environment.  There are many elements that scare the dog so much that it affects its overall wellbeing. We have compiled a guide that will tell you about the best way to calm down a scared dog. In this article, we will tell you about what generally scares the dogs. Additionally, we will also share some tried and tested remedies for you as well. We will tell you how to calm down a scared dog; read on:

Reasons for Fear in Dogs

If you want to make your scared dog feel calm, you should first be well aware of the reasons that caused the fear. Dogs are pretty sensitive to their environment and surroundings. Some of the major reasons that cause fear in dogs include Fireworks or sudden piercing noise, separation anxiety, unfamiliar places or people, the presence of other dogs, etc. To start the treatment of our dog, firstly, you need to be aware of the root cause.

Various Ways to Help a Scared Dog

After determining the root cause, the next step is to find a suitable remedy. There are many things you can use to help your scared dog. Some of the most effective ones are as under:

Getting a Comfortable Vest

The best way is to get an anti-anxiety vest for your scared dog. There are many vests available out there, but we highly recommend the ones from Thunder Vest for Dogs. They offer the most helpful anxiety vests for anxious and scared dogs. These vests come with many additional features such as gentle pressure application on dogs, incorporation of soothing music for dogs as well as the calming aroma of certain pet-safe essential oils.

These vests will significantly help your dog. He is going to feel much safe and calm. Even if there are piercing sounds, thunder, or even lightning, your dog is going to be in control. You will instantly feel your scared dog getting calmer with every passing minute. It will make your dog feel safe, loved, and comfortable.

Avoid the Root Cause of a Scared Dog

Make sure to keep your dog away from sudden piercing sounds. Dogs are mostly scared of Fireworks, unknown people as well as unknown places, etc. If your dogs are scared of natural phenomena, such as thunder and lighting, get your dog a Thunder Jacket for dogs. Just keep them away from everything that disturbs or scares them. Be very gentle and understanding with them. When there is loud noise around, try to muffle it using curtains, closing doors, and windows, etc. Try to eliminate the cause as soon as you feel that your dog is getting uncomfortable. If your dog feels scared amongst unknown people, other animals, unfamiliar places, then learn to acquaint your dog with these aspects way before actually forcing it to go through it. Try to grasp the psyche of our dog.

Seek Professional’s Help

Always opt for a professional behaviorist’s help. Ask him to guide you through it all. Because a behaviorist will be able to properly educate you about all the do’s and don’ts. And what you should keep in mind while dealing with a scared dog. A professional will help you in dealing with your scared dog effectively. You will soon be able to create a flawless treatment plan and release your scared dog of its fears. If you feel that the case is getting severe, always ensure to get professional help as soon as possible. 

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