Puppy Separation Anxiety – Everything You Need To Know

Puppy Separation Anxiety - Scared dog

What is Puppy Separation Anxiety?

Puppy Separation anxiety is one of the most recognized problems that pet owners experience. Therefore, the puppies could be troublesome or dangerous when left off alone at home. The puppies may pee, poop, bark, howl, bite, burrow, or try to get away. Although these issues frequently demonstrate that the owner should be tough with the puppy. It is not always the case because those issues can be indicators of stress. When the issues of a puppy are joint by other stress indicators, such as slobbering and indicating tension when its owners about to leave the house. Those indicators are not proof that your puppy is not trained. Also, It doesn’t mean it can’t identify which toys are its to play with. Instead, they are indicating that the puppy has separation anxiety.

Puppy Separation Anxiety happens when the puppies become upset due to separation from their owners. Puppies with Separation Anxiety that are trying to escape are frequently outrageous. As a result, it can cause self-injury and destruction inside the house, particularly around escape paths like windows and entryways. Also, When dog owners are about to leave the house, some puppies with separation anxiety tend to be upset. Further, when dog owners leave their puppies alone, some of them seem to be restless and discouraged. Also, they could be restless as well when their other family members are absent. Furthermore, some puppies attempt to keep their owners from leaving.

Generally, just after an owner leaves a canine with separation anxiety, the canine starts yapping and showing other stress signs. Also, When you leave the puppy at home alone, those signs of distress happen right away. The moment the owner gets back, the canine acts like it has been a while since it has seen its parent.


While treating a puppy with separation anxiety, the objective is to determine the puppy’s fundamental tension. That is to say, You can determine your puppy’s tension by instructing your puppy to appreciate or possibly endure, being home alone. In fact, you can accomplish it by setting things up so that the puppy encounters the circumstance that incites his tension. Also, the dog can experience issues like separating it from everyone else, without experiencing stress or nervousness.

Treatments for Puppy Separation Anxiety

There are multiple ways to treat puppy separation anxiety:

Firstly, by getting a Professional Trainer.  Secondly, with the use of Medications such as Fluoxetine (brand names: Prozac®, Reconcile®, Sarafem®). In addition, with the use of Chews for dogs with calming ingredients.

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