Puppy Barking – What Might Be the Reasons Behind the Issue?

Puppy barking - golden retriever

Just got your favorite puppy and it can’t stop barking? That might be a matter of concern for you. The key is to understand the reason behind the constant barking of your puppy. The prime causes behind your puppy barking can be anything from emotional agony to physical pain, fear, or even any type of anxiety. First of all, you need to have a detailed examination of all the possible reasons.

Common Reasons Behind the Puppy Barking Continuously:

There are many reasons that cause your puppy to bark more than normal. It can be such a nuisance for the owners as well as the neighbors. Many owners get too frustrated with the constant puppy barking that they end up giving them up. It is never a great idea to shoo away your puppy or scream at them. Instead, try to understand the reason behind the constant puppy barking. The following are some of the most common causes that bring along the excessive barking problem.

·      Separation Anxiety

Puppies are like little babies. They get attached to their owners very quickly. It is often seen that in the absence of their owners, they get too lonely and sad. They start to feel anxious as soon as the owner leaves the house. That can be a matter of concern because, in such a state, the puppies tend to bark a lot.

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·      Fear and Loud Noises:

Puppies are scared of loudly piercing noises and fireworks etc. You might have noticed that in the presence of chaotic sounds, the puppy barking gets worse. If there are thunderstorms, flashes, and heavy rain, etc., it scares the puppies a lot. They fear chaos, no matter what form it is. It is always a great idea to keep your puppies away from loud noises, fireworks, and crackers, etc. In case the weather is bad, we would highly recommend you get your puppy a Thunder Jacket for dogs. It will not only make your puppy feel safe and warm. But, it also soothes and calms it down. You will instantly feel a massive reduction in your puppy’s barking issue.

·      Medical and Behavioral Problems:

Your puppy might be in any kind of pain or discomfort. That can also cause puppy barking to get worse. If you feel that your pet is constantly barking and a little too much, consult a medical professional. There might be some serious underlying condition that is causing your puppy to bark this much.

Apart from that, your puppy might be dealing with some kind of behavioral problem. You can train your puppy to behave in a certain way by giving ample time. Try ignoring your puppy when it starts barking loudly out of nowhere. Through your gestures and body language, show your puppy that this kind of behavior is not appreciated. And when it stops barking, treat your puppy with his favorite delight. It will take time, but you will succeed. In case, you feel that the matter is out of your control, consult a behaviorist. Through therapy, your puppy will learn the right way to behave. You will soon feel a significant reduction in the puppy barking problem.

A Final Word about Puppy Barking

Lastly, it is safe to say that the puppy barking issue is totally treatable. Through consistent effort and time, you can train your puppy to behave well. The key is to determine the root cause. After doing so, seek a professional’s help and advice to treat the matter.

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