CozyVest® Anxiety Vest for Dogs with Relaxing Music and Calming Scents


CozyVest helps reduce all types of anxiety in dogs by providing a gentle pressure on the dog’s Torso that gives a Swaddling Feeling and makes the dog feel like its being hugged.

Also, CozyVest includes a Music Box that plays Calming Music for dogs. and, it could be set up to play repeatedly up to Ten Hours.

In addition, CozyVest includes Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils that have a soothing effect on the dog’s nervous system.

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CozyVest® Thunder Vest for Dogs

We have developed CozyVest, The Thunder Vest for Dogs to calm the fears of most pups & kittens.

It is the sole Calming Pet Anxiety Vest that uses the Three Senses of Touch, Smell, and Hearing.

Sense of Touch – CozyVest is most certainly the best pressure wrap for your dog.
The Vest’s pressure gives a feeling like swaddling a baby. That is to say, CozyVest helps to calm down all types of anxiety, fear, and nervousness in dogs.

Also, CozyVest is very easy to use and to put on the dog.

That is to say, you can adjust the pressure to help your dog to calm down.

Sense of Smell – CozyVest also Includes One Lavender and One Chamomile Essential Oils for dogs. And, they help give your pet the best calming feeling.

Sense of Hearing – CozyVest also Includes an amazing feature, a Music Player with a Relaxing Lullaby sound. The sound repeats itself over and over and it helps to provide your dog with the best chilling mood.

Also, you can set up the music box to play Two, Five, or Ten hours repeatedly.

CozyVest gives the best anxiety relief to use during thunders, fireworks, and separation anxiety.

Also, During travel, vet visits. And, It helps with barking problems, reactivity, and much more.

Size Chart for the Thunder Vest for Dogs:

Size   |  Measurement around the chest

XX-Small (<7 lbs) | 9-13″  

X-Small (8-14 lbs) | 13-17″ 

Small (15-25 lbs) | 17-21″

Medium (26-40 lbs) | 21-25″

Large (41-64 lbs) | 25-30″

X-Large (65-110 lbs) | 30-37″

XX-Large (>110 lbs) | 37-50″


90% Cotton + 10% Nylon

Machine washable. Soft, breathable fabric.

The Idea Behind the CozyVest

The Fourth of July is a holiday that most of the dogs do not like.

That is to say, when dogs hear the Fireworks sound it can cause them to have Anxiety, Fear, and Stress.

CozyVest helps your scared dog feel safer next to strong lights and around loud noises as well.

Also, We have already helped thousands of dogs to feel more secure and with less stress and fear. And, We are on a mission to help many more dogs.

CozyVest was developed to calm the fears of a dog who is scared of thunder, fireworks, and more.

Also, It helps to calm aggressiveness in dogs and barking issues as well.

Furthermore, the Anxiety coat goes on the dog easily and fast.

That is to say, It is adjustable for the right pressure for your home cat or dog.

Finally, CozyVest is the only jacket for dogs that uses swaddling, music, and smell.

That is to say, It helps dogs and cats who have anxiety issues.

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XX-Small (Less than 7 lbs), X-Small (8-14 lbs), Small (15-25 lbs), Medium (26-40 lbs), Large (41-64 lbs), X-Large (65-110 lbs), XX-Large (110 lbs and up)


Gray, Black, Pink

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Dog Free of Stress

My dog loves it, I use it on him a lot during the week, the city's garbage truck drives down the alley just behind my building and the noise freaks him out, anyways now when he wears the vest he is much better.


First time I used it my dog was a little worried but she soon got comfortable with it and after 2-3 times wearing the vest it worked like a charm.

Susan F
Gigi loves it!

My gigi isn’t a big fan of thunders, she is always stressing out and will remain like that even after the storm is long gone.
This thunder vest really helped her and she even likes the music :)

WOW!!! What can I say...

I was a bit skeptical that this would actually work on my German Shepherd. When storms start brewing and the thunder and lightning start rolling in she becomes a entirely different dog. She runs around the house and barks and growls like crazy. Like literally someone is busting the door down. There is nothing we can do but ride it out or drug her with sedatives which we did not want to do. So....I thought I would give this jacket a try. I followed the directions and put it on her just a few times here and there for fun and left it on like 10 minutes. Getting her used to it and she didn't seem to mind it on either. Then the weather news came on a few days later announcing the big storm we were going to have and I was prepared to try this out. I put the jacket on before it came and when the storm hit she stayed in bed with me and didn't make a peep! I was so amazed but thought it was most likely a one time deal. Since then it has stormed 5 more times and sometimes in the middle of the night like last night I just get up and throw it on her and she drops down and goes to sleep. I'm telling ya, this product rocks! I tell everyone about it who has a animal that acts like mine. Can't wait to try it out on the 4th of July.

Love it!

We live in the capital of thunders Tallahassee, Florida and unfortunately for our pup there are many storms that makes him scared, we bought the dog anxiety vest and its been a week now and he is doing much better, will definitely recommend!