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Dogs Anxiety Relief Products by CozyVest the Dog Anxiety Vest.

CozyVest helps pets who suffer from various stress issues.

Those include fear of thunders, fireworks, vet visits, travel & more.

Also, CozyVest applies soft pressure on the pet’s torso to give a swaddling feeling.

Furthermore, It includes a Music Player that plays calming music.

Finally, It also includes Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils.

Essential Oils Refills

CozyVest includes Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oils, you can also purchase them separately.

Also, Those aromatherapy scents are available in a pack of 2 for each scent.

Music Player

CozyVest includes the Music Player, you can also purchase it separately.

Also, it includes 2 AAA batteries.

Furthermore, you can set the time of play to 2, 5 or also 10 hours of play.