Cats Anxiety Category

Cats Anxiety is an issue more and more cats’ owners are becoming aware of. Ask yourself, During thunderstorms, is your cat remote? Or maybe when the dog is barking outside? Or when the company comes to visit?

Sometimes, the introduction of new pets into the house can cause great distress to domestic kittens. Of course, even for the most vulnerable cats, the terrifying veterinary journey can be a challenge. When you put him in the cat cage, he or she is obviously nervous. The anxiety didn’t end until you got home. Your cat ran under the bed and stayed there for several hours. Traveling is stressful for all cats. Unlike dogs, they are usually not eager to jump in a car for a drive. They are very used to forming habits, and in general, they don’t like their habits being disrupted. It is possible to obtain sedatives or tranquilizers for cats. However, especially for short-term stress, it can also make the cat calmer more naturally.

Anxiety Vest for Cats

The best tool to use during an anxiety attack is a CozyVest Thunder Vest for Cats. That is to say, it can be helpful in reducing stress and fear for your cat. The stress-relieving jacket you can see below is designed to make the cat feel safe no matter what happens around it. It provides a potentially drugless solution for feline neurosis. This comfortable coat is available in XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large sizes and is machine washable.