Dogs Crying – The Reasons And The Tested Remedies

Dogs Crying - a dog with blue eyes

Dogs are one of the most emotional animals. They are always in tune with their surroundings. When an owner is happy, then they share happiness by wagging their tails. On the contrary, when they feel sadness around them, they start whining. If you are wondering how dogs cry; it is not like humans. Unlike humans, it is rare to see dogs crying with tears because they normally can’t do so. If your dog is constantly getting teary-eyed, it might be an indication of something else. Then, it might denote that your dog is dealing with an allergy. There might be something wrong with their eyes. Take your dog to a veterinarian, if you find them getting watery-eyed.

What Actually Denotes Dogs Crying?

If you find your dogs whining or whimpering, that might be a signal of dogs crying. Your dog might be in pain or discomfort if it is continuously making unusual sounds. If you feel that your dog whines every night or even any time of the day, then there might be something severely wrong. Let’s have a look at some of the prime reasons behind dogs crying.

Reasons Behind Dogs Crying?

There are many causes that can result in your dog, making those whining or whimpering noises. These include:

·      Physical Pain:

There must be something causing pain or discomfort to your dog. Make sure to thoroughly examine your dog if the whining gets prolonged. At night, mostly dogs feel lonely and cold. That might also be the reason behind dogs crying at night. Additionally, allergies, injuries, and internal medical ailments can cause physical pain to your dog due to which, the dogs whine. The whining is their way to let the owners know that they are not well. Ensure to take the dog’s constant whining seriously. Consult a pet health expert if the case gets severe.

·      Emotional Issues behind Dogs Crying:

As stated above, a lack of emotional support can also cause dogs crying. If your dogs feel left out or abandoned, they tend to whine and whimper. That is their way of seeking attention. In that case, the best thing to do is to get your dog a Thunder Vest for Dogs because it helps a lot. These vests are completely capable of providing the mandatory emotional support that your dog needs. Many of the anti-anxiety vests come with an inbuilt soothing music system. Tranquilizing music makes your dog feel distracted and calm. Additionally, these vests put ample but gentle pressure on your dog’s body. It makes them feel as if a human is hugging them. It consoles them beyond measure and provides emotional support as well.

·      Fears and Anxiety:

Many dogs are scared of a natural phenomenon, for example, lightning, storms, and thunder, etc. If you feel that the reason behind your dogs crying is indeed the natural phenomenon, we would highly recommend you to get your dog a Thunder Jacket for Dogs. It will make them feel safe and protected. These vests can prove to be a massive help. They take care of your pets in the best possible way. The Essential Oils for Dogs that come with these vests help to calm down your whining dog. It eases their fears and consoles them at the same time.


Don’t be worried or stressed about your dogs crying because it is normal as well as treatable. Try to examine and dig out the root cause. There must be something that is bothering your furry friend. There can be many reasons involved, for example, physical pain, illness, emotional instability, fears, separation anxiety, etc. Always make sure to choose the right remedy to treat your crying dogs. Your dogs deserve your attention and care, never rob them off of that. If you feel the problem getting persistent and severe, seek medical advice for your dog.

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