Dog Separation Anxiety – Everything You Should Know About It

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Dogs get too attached to their owners; that is completely natural. But, when they feel that their owners are ignoring them or altogether abandoning them, it disturbs them the most. It is observed that the dog separation anxiety kicks in as soon as the owners go out of their sight. The dogs start feeling agitated and scared.

Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety:

If you are not sure whether your dog has separation anxiety, try keeping an eye out for the following signs:

  • Your dog hits, claws, and scratches the surfaces while you are out of their sight.
  • You feel that your dog is showing agitation, extra clingy behaviour.
  • Your dog trembles, pants, and salivates excessively while you are away.
  • Other signs of abnormal behaviour while you are away.

Many dog owners end up getting rid of their dog because of it. However, the good news is that dog separation anxiety is completely treatable. You won’t have to abandon or give up your favorite pet.

Best Ways to Treat Dog Separation Anxiety:

There are many tried and tested ways that you can use and treat your dogs’ separation anxiety. Some of the most effective ones include:

·       Using an Anti-Anxiety Vest to treat Dog Separation Anxiety:

One of the best ways that we highly recommend you to make use of is the Thunder Vest for Dogs. These vests come with multiple benefits, including the reduction of anxiety and agitation. These inculcate a sense of safety and security and induce tranquility etc. These vests come with various unique features, such as soothing music. You can play music continuously for up to ten hours. That music will help your dog in staying calm and distracted. Additionally, the vests also come with soothing essential oils that are completely safe for dogs. The essential oil calms them down to a significant level. The vests also put gentle pressure on your dog’s body. Which gives it a dose of emotional support. It feels as if it is getting hugged or consoled.  

There are many different kinds of vests that can calm down your dog. They significantly help in treating dog separation anxiety. We would highly suggest you check out the different options available for the Thunder Jacket for Dogs. They are a massive helper in treating dog separation anxiety.

·       Seek a Professional’s Help:

If your dog’s separation anxiety is controllable and not that severe, then getting an anti-anxiety vest can easily do the job. But, if the case is severe, it is better to seek consultation from a professional. Take your dog to a veterinarian or behaviorist at your earliest.

If you leave the problem untreated for too long, it might end up causing you to give up your beloved pet. A lot of stress and illnesses can be caused if your dog is disturbed or agitated. Excessive urination, raging heartbeats, excessive salivation, etc., are just some of the medical issues. If you couple medication with behavioral therapy, it will prove unbelievably effective.

·       Be Understanding and Take It Slow:

If your dog is facing separation anxiety or even any other problem. The key is to be as understanding and accommodating as you can. Give your furry friend an ample amount of care, time, and attention to help it overcome the illness. Train your dog to indulge in healthy activities. Devise interactive games that your dog can play in your absence. If your dog loves playing with other canine buddies, let it do so. Dogs get bored and lonely when they are confined to a place for long.


Treating a dog’s separation anxiety is not that complicated. With careful consideration, medical and professional help, you can devise a treatment plan for your dog.

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