Dog Scared of Cat – The Best Ways to Deal with This Issue

Dog Scared of Cat

If you are fond of keeping pets at your home, then you might have a cat and dog both. In that case, you must have observed the dog scared of cat. It is pretty normal for different types of animals to be afraid of each other. In a household where there more than one pet, it is quite common to see chaos, fear, and overall tension in the house. Cats and dogs mostly don’t get along well. There can be many reasons why we see dog scared of cat or vice versa. If you are a pet owner, with a dog and a cat, worry no more as we will tell you everything you need to know about managing your furry friends.

Dogs are timid, and cats are quite sharp. They have totally opposite personalities. Dogs are not that demanding while cats are quite demanding, to say the least. If you compare the personality of both animals, you will find a sharp contrast between the two of them. One is slow; the other is quite active. One is friendly, the other moody. So this contrast of personalities can cause a lot of tension and ruckus. Dogs are scared of cats due to many reasons.

Why is My Dog Scared of Cat?  

Some of the main reasons that make the dogs scared of cats are as under:

  • Lack of prior socialization
  • Contrast of Personalities
  • Afraid of Cat bites and Scratches
  • Cats’ Reserved Behavior and Unfriendliness
  • Sudden hissing and Meowing

All the above-mentioned factors can induce a state of fear in dogs on seeing a cat. You might notice these two animals getting reserved and cautious in each other’s presence. Though this is not the fixed scene, things can change. It is not always the case since dogs and cats can be friends too, there’s no denying that. But, we are talking about what is mostly seen and heard off.

We have dug out the best ways through which you can make your dog feel calm and composed in the presence of a cat. Go through these and see the difference it makes.

Dog Scared of Cat – How to Manage it?

You can easily manage and reduce the fears of a dog scared of cat. The first thing you can do is to acquaint your dog with the cat. Be slow and steady while introducing them to each other. If either of them shows aggressive behaviour, be the mediator between the two. Make sure that they are comfortable in each other’s presence. Additionally, you can also try the following remedies for the same.

An Anti-Anxiety Vest to treat your Dog:

A Dog anxiety vest can be a real game-changer in this regard. It is completely comfortable to wear and is safe for both dogs and cats. These vests come with many unique features such as an in-built music system that plays soothing music for dogs and keeps them distracted as well. Additionally, you will also find aromatherapy in this vest. The calming scent of Chamomile and Lavender will keep your dog under control and unstressed. All in all, it is going to be a massive mood booster for your dog.

A Thunder Jacket for your Dog Scared of Cat: 

We would advise you to couple it up with a Thunder Jacket for Dogs. Together, both of these will be the best stress buster for your dog. The anti-anxiety vest is suited to be worn in warm weather. But, the thunder jacket provides comfort and warmth to your dog even in cold winter. Your dog will feel so amazing, even in the presence of cats.  Through proper behavior training and comfortable vests, you can make your dog and cat befriend each other.

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