Dog Fear – What May Be the Cause and How to Relieve it?

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Fear in dogs is a common thing to observe. Just like humans, dogs too have phobias. It is pretty normal and natural. But what becomes imperative for you as a dog owner, is to be able to eliminate the dog fear. You must always be aware of whatever is bothering your furry friend. A lot of reasons can be behind this. There is no one-reason-fits-all situation; every dog is scared of something different than the other. But in many cases, the experts have stumbled upon some very common reasons as well.

The diagnosis of the right cause depends on minute attention and observation. Never leave your dog alone, so it doesn’t feel lonely or abandoned. Always take your dog on walks with you. Ensure that you never abandon your dog abruptly. Treat your furry friend with utmost love, care and compassion so they don’t feel lost. Be very careful of how you treat your pets because they are dependent on you. 

Additionally, the psychological elements also play a significant part in this regard. Many dogs are more sensitive to their surroundings, as compared to the others It is also quite possible that a dog has gone through some past trauma that might be the reason for dog fear. So, all in all, we can’t predict the real reason; it takes time to be able to judge the actual cause of dog fear. But whatever it is, it is solvable. You can relieve your dog of its fear, with a little bit of trying. Dogs love humans, that’s a fact so make sure that you love them back. 

To further evaluate the situation, it becomes imperative to look at some of the most commonly found reasons and causes. The following are the ones that are recurring in this regard.

Dog Fear – The Causes and Reasons:

There can be many different reasons involved. No one can predict the actual reason without prior observation. However, some of the most common reasons include,

  • Loud music and Sounds
  • Past Trauma
  • Thunder and Lightening
  • Heavy Rains and Storms
  • Fireworks and Blindingly Bright Lights
  • Unfamiliar Surroundings and People
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fear of Children and Other Animals
  • Water and Speed
  • Veterinarian Visits

Additionally, some unknown equipment such as vacuum cleaner, blender, grinder, lawnmower, etc. also scares the dogs. Loud and messy electronic devices scare the dogs. Ensure to keep your dog away from such machines, gadgets, and devices. Make them feel comfortable and safe. 

Dog Fear – Signs and Indications:

If you are confused about how would you know if your dog is scared, read on. Many common signs show that your dog is scared. Some of the frequent ones include:

  • Panting and Pacing Around
  • Excessive Barking, Growling, or Whining
  • Sweating and Cowling

In case your dog is scared, you will notice instant changes in its body language as well. Pay special attention to your dogs’ ears and tail as it might show the signs of your dog fear. You will notice that your dog is getting uncomfortable and fidgety. It means that there is something wrong with your dog. You should pay attention, so the matter is resolved timely. You should never ignore these signs at any cost. Be very vigilant and alert when it comes to your dogs’ wellbeing and comfort. Your dog is dependent on you for everything. Make sure that you never ignore your dogs’ plight. Something that is insignificant for you can be of serious impact on your dog.

Dogs can’t express their worries or fears, so, you need to be alert. Take care of your dogs’ mental, emotional and physical health. Treat your dog like a part of your family, understand its fears. Dog express themselves through their body language, learn to decipher it. 

If you are still confused about where to get it, we will help you relieve your dogs’ fears through the best solutions. We have compiled a list of some of the most effective ways through which you can reduce your dog fears. Following are the solutions we have devised.

An Anti-Anxiety Vest for Relieving Fear

The first one on our list is a Thunder Vest for Dogs. It is the best calming solution for your dog and is highly effective. It gives a hug like feeling to your dog and is comfortable to wear for an extended time. Coming with safe aromatherapy for your dog, it makes your dog feel calm and composed in every situation. The induced aroma of Chamomile and Lavender is the best thing about it. It instantly helps in calming down your dog’s fear.

Additionally, it also comes with an in-built music system that plays soothing harp music for your dog. Through this music, the dogs stay distracted for a long period. You can easily wash and dry it off. It is more than eighty percent effective in relieving dogs’ fears. It will make your dog feel calm, even in the presence of chaos. You can swaddle your fur baby in this vest as well. It will prove to be the best calming solution for your scared dog. Distracting your dog from the source of fear will positively influence your dog. Your scared fur baby will transform into a content and happy one. Your dog is going to declare it its favorite accessory. You will not regret getting an Anti-Anxiety vest for your dog. 

All in all, this vest is a great catch for anyone who is looking for a reliable and calming solution for their dogs.

A Thunder Jacket for Relieving Fear

Another amazing solution on our list is the Thunder Jacket for Dogs. It works exactly like the Anti-Anxiety Vest. It is completely comfortable to wear. If your dog is afraid of thunder and lightning, then this thunder jacket is going to be a savior for your dog. It is completely flexible and is available in all sizes to fit your dogs’ body. It is completely enjoyable for your dog to wear because it is made of breathable fabric. Your dog will be so happy to have this. Never underestimate the power of an Anti-Anxiety vest. Your dog will have a great time, wearing it. 

Providing the right amount of compression to your dogs’ body gives it a hug-like feeling. For example, you can make your dog wear it in extreme weather conditions, and your dog will stay put for a long time. Your dog is going to love it. It will make your life easy so you will no longer have to worry about your dog. This jacket will take care of your dog. It will keep it safe, warm, and tranquil. Soothing your dogs’ body will provide ample support as well. You can easily wash and dry it quickly if it gets dirty.

Since it is made of soft fabric, your dog will not get fed up of wearing it. You can trust us when we say that it is indeed the best thing to get for your dog, because, we know it definitely is. All in all, your dog is going to find its knight in shining armor in this vest.

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